Taliyah need some serious changes

All skills of taliyah feels like nerfed. at least one of them should provide the smooth gameplay. Here is my reports : **Q Skill :** - Range is low(but understandable when we suppose to build tanky) **W Skill :** - Use of w skill is horrible. Even in smartcast i have to click twice. It should be like a bow mechanic. I mean we press once and while holding the key we select the direction and power of knock up by mouse. When we stop holding the key, skill become activated. - Skill casting time is really destroys the taliyahs smooth combos. W skill should be activated as fast as you select the direction. **E Skill :** - Casting time cancers me. When i try to W - E - Q combo it feels like thousand years i have to wait. Most of times i realize i couldnt cast the E skill after W skill. I think that is a legal combo of skillset of Taliyah but well why it takes so long? Taliyah doesnt have any escape mechanic. She ment to be a crowdcontrol mage. But her skills are not awarded enough or not enough smooth to play safely. W skill is real cancer. I ask you why should i play Taliyah instead of Azir.

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