The one thing Riot forgets to implement in a champions kit lately.

That the champ also needs to be fun to be played against. The latest champions in league all lack this particular part. Let's take Kai'Sa for an example. She might be fun to play and yes has some sort of counterplay and is beatable but heck is playing against her obnoxious. You can't build any defensives against her early on because she can literally build any item in the game and oneshots you by pressing Q while building onhit. Or a prime example is the new Akali. She is super nerfed and yes not totaly overpowered anymore but her whole kit is designed so make you ragequit in 10 minutes. Heck before the nerfs she probably was the most obnoxious lane bully that ever existed having a constant heal that also is a spamable nuke on range (her healing Q) while having a 8second stealth that for some reason was allowed to hide her from turrets while having 3 dashes she could use to either engage or disengage on you. Yuumi is also a good example for this. It is alot fun to be invulnerable all game spamming high poke skillshots and heals on your mate but damn playing against yuumi on the enemy team is obnoxious especially if she clings onto a bruiser. She spams you with infinite waves of harass and meanwhile makes the bruiser she is on a immortal bastion that can shred through your team with 100% full health that literally can't drop. And don't get me started on Neeko who can 3 second root you through minions on a level 1 ability while maxing stealth and building onhit dealing literally double the dmg the mage variant could do to you because somehow a mage building onhit being viable is okay. Riot needs to stop thinking about super flashy designs and maybe start thinking about fun aspects of counterplay first than the only counterplay being waiting out the lane till the champs start getting somewhat harder to play during teamfights where they do their mistakes and get caught. Having a AoE Darius ult that shares gold on a champ might be a fun concept but it clearly isn't fun to get AoE darius ulted out of stealth with almost no time to react to it.
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