Tristana & Marksman rework

Hi there everyone! Hopefully (and wishfully thinking) a Rioter will read this. I would like to have a say towards Tristana's identity, speaking for a majority of players that I have met. Lets get 'philosophical', we as humans like a good story don't we. We bond to characters in this game and want to play them because we like who they are, not just the gameplay. We love characters with an established identity - Think of Teemo, love him or hate him, his identity has created jokes within the community and it bonds people together. THOSE SHROOMS! In LoL each character we have is defined not just by their abilities but as a concept. You play Elise to be a spider that eats people early on. You play Jax to be a split-pusher who wields nothing more than a lamp-post. So why do we play Tristana?? Tristana has a history and key identity as a champion who doesn't do much early/mid game but let her get to that perfect end-game and she will blow you apart from maximum auto-attack range! The current changes Riot are looking at push her more towards an early/mid-game champion. Is this her identity? No. It is Corki's, it is Grave's, it is MF's. Who cares how strong she is competitively if she isn't herself! My request is that instead of forcing this beautiful yordle gunner into a role that isn't her's, why not make her regain her title of 'max range auto-attacks at level 18' again with her siege capability while taking a nerf to her early/mid-game? If she is another all-in ADC then there will be little reason to pick her over any other champion! She will lose the part most key to her; her identity. Save our poor Bandle Gunner's identity, lulose
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