Match making system is so busted it's sad

I'm ~80% win ratio right now and I often just get teammates with <= 30% win ratio. My enemies rock >50% win ratio. The games end up being like 1 V 20... No wonder people get toxic when your teammates: - instalock what ever they want - refuse to communicate - do not help allies - do not look at pings or minimap - do not buy a single ward or upgrade trinket - do not place trinkets - end up 0-5-0 in 7 minutes and spam "open mid" or "GG EASY" in all chat - once you finally tilt and call them a DB, they spam "X TOXIC REPORT PLEASE" in all chat Make matches balanced and level of toxicity will drop. I don't mind losing when my team f*cking TRIES. But when some DB goes 0-10 on lane, spams shit all game, it's just unfair bullsh*t.
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