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You can get 200 tokens in total. The loot is: > God-King Garen loading screen border, God-King Garen Icon, and Crown of Lions Icon (150 VS Tokens) God-King Darius loading screen border, God-King Darius Icon, and Crown of Wolves Icon (150 VS Tokens) Lion Orb (80 VS Tokens) Wolf Orb (80 VS Tokens) Little Lion Icon and Divine Lion Icon (40 VS Tokens) Little Wolf Icon and Forsaken Wolf Icon (40 VS Tokens) Random Champion Shard [worth 4800+ Blue Essence] (40 VS Tokens) Key Fragment (15 VS Tokens) 10 Blue Essence (1 VS Token) Since I'm still collecting champions I'm interested in the orbs don't interest me ESPECIALLY since skins worth such a damn low amount of OE now that I don't feel like it worths the gamle to get one guaranteed random skin shard and such a small chance to also get > VS Bag (3.5% chance) Gemstone (5.4% chance)* Gemstone skin (0.06% chance)* Orange Essence (12.5% chance to receive 1.25x the disenchant value of the guaranteed skin shard) Of course for people who have all champions or just all champions they ever will be interested in the orbs are a good purchase. The borders cost 150 tokens but if you are buying the skins already you are most likely the kind of player who wouldn't need the orbs or the champion shards. Now the stuff I am interested about is the: Random Champion Shard [worth 4800+ Blue Essence] (40 VS Tokens) If you have all 200 tokens it will be 5 4800+ tier champion shards, plus 1000 BE from missions, and possibly the 1000 BE from your faction's victory, which is a really nice sum of more than 8 levelups worth if my estimates are correct. EDIT: eh... the quotes bugged out or something... oh well.
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