Pyke passive removing Ignite and DOT effects

WHY does an broken champion who got; 1.) Blitz Hook 2.) Dash WITH STUN best mobility Chase/EScape spell in the freaking game 3.) DARIUS ULTY with BUILT IN FLASH + ITS AOE + IT GOT INDICATOR WHEN YOU WILL KILL SOMEONE +++++ IT RESETS +++++++++ DOESN'T REQUIRE ANY BUILT UP MECHANICS like 6 STACS OF BLEED OR ANYTHING AND CAN GRANT YOUR TEAMMATES UP TO 1000 GOLD in TEAMFIGHT PER KILL.... Pure RAMPAGE spell.. That If ONE FIGHT GOES WRONG. ENEMY TEAM WIL END UP WITH $500000000.$ BONUS GOLD and you can FF. 4.) EVELYN Stealth, With MUCH STRONGER passive healing. Basically heals up 81% his HP in most cases. -But that's not all.... .. . . DID YOU KNOW, that If you fight Pyke, and you severely OUTPLAY HIM, and he is left with 100 HP, and you IGNITE him (at higher levels 300dmg ignite) He can just use his INVIS spell and GO INVIS few metters from you, and OUTHEAL your IGNITE. Or ANY DAMAGE-OVER-TIME spell. Malzahar, Teemo Shroom/POison, IGNITE, Whatever, you name it..... He can basically move a bit away from you becoming INVIS and HEALING while IGNITED.... Like.. THE ONLY WAY to Punish a PYKE who knows what he's dying, is to suprise him with Ignite, And HE CAN HEAL THROUGH IT and TOTALLY NEGATE IT.... like WTF RIOT ????
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