Time to think about 4 v 4 gamemode?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This would ONLY affect Solo/Duo queue, ranked teams would still be 5 v 5. It would still require lots of teamwork, but all lanes would be independent to choose where they wanted to go. So adc could decide to go toplane, and a mage could go botlane or toplane. It would create so many openings of strategy instead of "Support + adc" bot just because we need more people to protect dragon". Now, you might say that this would ruin the support role. Nobody would play support champions anymore because they're not so powerful compared to other champions, if everyone can farm. But a lot of supports are self sufficient already, and those who aren't, can be changed to be self sufficient. I'm not talking about doing this overnight. I'm talking about years of development and balancing. The game could look very different in a few years. So before you dismiss this idea because "5 v 5 just rocks", let me explain why I want 4 v 4 mode instead of 5 v 5. First of all, the meta has been practically the same since season 2, with adc + support on botlane, mage/assassin on midlane, bruiser/assassin in jungle and tank/bruiser on top. This is the standard setup, and has been justified like this: * ADC and mages/assassins deal a lot of damage compared to the tankier champions, and so can take down dragon faster when an opportunity arises. * Support needs to stay with ADC because they offer strong early utility for the weak ADC earlygame. * Midlane is composed of champions who has trouble before level 6 and needs to rush it ASAP, and so take the shortest lane which is easiest to stay and farm in. * Top consists of sustain-heavy champions who can put pressure on toplane so as to keep the enemy jungler busy (and away from dragon). They do this with heavy presence (such as building sustain and taking Teleport). * Jungle consists of someone who has a good mix of damage, mobility and CC, so they can be useful in ganks. Usually they also fill the role of bruiser if the team doesn't have enough defense. On occasion, we see people trying to break the meta, by going double jungle or three mid. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but the standard meta is still the most reliable way to win the game. And it's stuck like that. People have tried the roaming strategy that was popular for a little while, but people soon figured out the tactic and left the roamer very starved for exp and gold. I think it's time to change the entire playset. Supports can be fixed to still be supports, but more self sufficient (their skillset can be mainly focused on themselves, but also benefit allies). Before you vote, take some time to think about the implications of what I'm suggesting. Is this something you would like to see sometime in the future? Of course it wouldn't mean that pro play would be immediately prone to this, first I would like to see this in solo/duo queue ranked play before any teams have to get rid of a teammate.
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