Why does every single patch feels like a preseason change?

I don't know how you feel, right now this one shot meta is not fun. Not quite a long time ago there were weak champions as well as strong champions, and you had to pick accordingly the meta too like now, but at least it was balanced between the game's strategical and mechanical aspects. Now it's a lot harder to focus on strategical aspects, because the damage is too high, the game is too snowbally, and one tiny mistake can ruin the entire match in less than 15 minutes. But riot keeps nerfing and buffing things that change the game not only for some, but for all the ~130ish champions every single patch. Starting with the preseason changes which is okay, but then it was followed by continous changes in the mastery tree, tank meta switched to one shot meta, and they killed an entire class and their items. **In my opinion the things that change the game for every single champions, like masteries and runes should be the least touched.** Yet we are going to get another patch where they nerf the entire sorcery tree, ruining the balance once again. Instead of this, **why is riot not just adjusting the weak and strong champions? ** **Couldn't we get these big changes in preseasons?** Literally every single week you have to learn the game. tldr: It seems like the current mastery tree is bad. They can't balance it, they couldn't for one entire season, and this sucks, because a change in the tree changes every champions, which is happening quite freqeuntly.
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