When is something going to be done about these bots?

I just lost a bot game due to getting a team with 4 bots. I was considering learning Syndra, and decided to learn in bot games rather than going to normals/ranked and just feeding like crazy.All I wanted to do is start learning a new champion, but I got stuck in a mess that was nothing like a real game (I spent about a third of the game in 1v4 siege for the bottom inhibitor tower while my "allies" ran around like headless chickens). In the grand scheme of things, this 1 game isn't that big a deal. The problem is that it's happened before and I learned very little. Now, if I feel like checking how a new champ or build fits into a team, I pretty much have to go straight into normals with no real experience, and ruin the experience for my team mates, and I imagine this is way worse for new players who aren't confident enough to play against real players yet. Please fix this. It's unacceptable.
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