ADC mains are one of the most clueless, most entitled group of players after Zed mains.

I do not understand what goes in in the mind of an average ADC main. Is this a role which appeals to 14 year olds that I mostly get ADCs who have literally no idea on what their role is about? Okay, so 1 in 3 ADC I come across in my ranked games even knows what the class is meant for, that is to carry teamfights by outputting the most damage which has been made far easier after the crit rework. But in the other two cases you will get ADC mains who think an ADC's job is to either feed or split push, not to mention often split push while feeding. I've seen ADC mains on the boards go so far as to blame the top laners for not using {{summoner:12}} to roam and do "his part", in order to cover up for the lane pressure they inevitably gave up by being careless. ADCs have been the most babysat, most catered to group in the entire game since time immemorial. Compared to top lane or jungle (the actual trash roles), ADC is a role which has been limited to a specific pool of champions and Riot has always made sure it remained that way. Any change in the role gets patched up before half a season goes by and the role as well as the lane has literally been the same forever now. Yet you still see ADC mains complain about their role every time a post concerning top lane or jungle comes up, and for a role that's been virtually unchanged since eternity what makes you so many of you players confused about how it's played? Literally 1 in 3 ADCs I come across in solo queue actually knows to teamfight while the rest of you'll are usually busy split pushing while the remainder of the team desperately tries to defend the inhibitor turrets or straight up go 2/14 by forcing solo duels instead of actually learning to safe farm after the laning phase to hit your powerspikes.
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