Tryndamere overpowered

OK so I already hate this cancerous champion, doesn't seem to really have much of a counter (hard cc I know but that > everything and he can just buy a QSS) but what makes him worse is the people who play him. I picked Jax as a counter, my jungler ganked and I got pretty far ahead kills-wise, started roaming to secure more kills around the map which meant I fell a bit behind in farm. Then when we eventually lost at 55 minutes in, the Tryndamere player claimed he had won the lane, despite having been killed numerous times, called me a noob as "I countered him", but to be honest, not a lot does really counter him, pre-6 he could just crit me once and win the trade, past 6 he had far more survivability, and if it looked like he was losing he could just spin away. What is ridiculous about this champion is he can have a shocking laning phase and still easily drive through a team, killing 2 minimum until he eventually runs out of ult. He counters so many champions and he really needs a nerf, he has infinite sustain, no mana costs (so even as Jax you can go in like twice, he spins away and you're out of mana), an undodgeable slow, his passive makes early game ridiculous, his ultimate counters Garen, Darius, Riven, and anyone else with an ult that finishes off a low hp champ = a lot of toplaners. In the jungle he is even worse with devourer, needs a nerf. Even Nasus has problems with him, doesn't matter how much damage your q does if his ult is active.
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