Why riot Punishing over and over bruisers?

Riot actually has personal vendeta against all bruiser. Just look at constantly bruiser nerf. bruiser has no single rune for them. tell em atleast 1 rune that can bruiser use best than other any class? conqueror was reworked. now conqueror can use incredibly abuser range champ with no penalty. Also look at bruiser items. most expensive in the game and still one of the weakest class in the game. i love bruiser i like playign them but when enemy tank build armor and outdmg me i dont think its any fun from my part. i love playing fiora but when enemy tank build bramblewest and counter my entire champ its not fun anymore. also for what reason tank do so much dmg??? i allways ask myself and never get answer. Why Person who play role which doesnt build dmg can outdmg me?
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