how i speak in champ select:X:X::X:

GamblerOfLives joined the room. FleXeii joined the room. WP L33: Mid / jungle please ;) :) GamblerOfLives: hello friends GamblerOfLives: jungle preffer GamblerOfLives: love you all Image00: hi Laurores: hi i cant adc GamblerOfLives: i can adc GamblerOfLives: but GamblerOfLives: i don;t whatn to first pick jinx GamblerOfLives: if you can jungle FleXeii: where go i? WP L33: adc / top FleXeii: top? WP L33: go adc WP L33: laurores said WP L33: he cant adc Laurores: ty FleXeii: np GamblerOfLives: good luck my team GamblerOfLives: i love you all GamblerOfLives: :X:X:XX::X:X Image00: xd FleXeii: :3 Laurores: to u too Laurores: =] WP L33: l;et's win <3 GamblerOfLives: :)) WP L33: wot ? Laurores: wtf FleXeii: GG RIOT Laurores: ? FleXeii: RIOT SERVERS Laurores: nice nice
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