How to skirmish as support

I play Braum support. I'm not sure what to do in skirmishes if we are not clear-cut 3v3 facing each other. Example: Botlane. Enemy Morgana and Cait is by their tower on blue side less than half health, divable if all goes right. I have Ezreal by my side and our Kindred is in tribush ready to go. We go in, and then their fed Udyr shows up from river. What I do (and have so far when I estimate someone can do serious harm to my squishies) is go hard on Udyr, ult and stun him all I can while my teammates do the 2v2. My thinking is that he is fed, has a stun and lots of damage, so if he focuses the support all should be dandy. What then happens is that they kill Morgana while Udyr chases me down in lane and kills me, making it a 1 for 1 without getting any tower damage or anything. So my question is: Is it the right call? Or do we have a better shot if I move with my team and make a true 3v3? I almost always die when I make the call, since I am the support against a high damage target.
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