I just ragequitted first time ever. And it felt good

So I just had game where I played yasuo in mid against katarina. Our jungler got invaded By lee sin at his red, and he died. After that he yelled n chat and flamed everyone and said he will not gank anyone. Like it was our fault he couldn't ward bush next to red... So he didn't gank anyone. After killing him lee ganked me, I survived, and he ganked bot and they got 2 more kills. Our jungler just farmed (and not very well). Lee needed to try to gank me 4 times before they finally got a kill of me. Our jungler was still useless and just complained in chat. Meanwhile our ADC went afk and enemy started snowballing, 4 people came to mid, took my tower and nobody would help me. Our jungler was till acting like jerk and just farmed, ADC was afk. games was 1/10 and I had got enough of that fucking jungler and just ragequitted because there was 0 chance to win that game. So riot, pls ban me if you feel I earn it but I'm done if people in my team are acting like that.

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