is yasuo top weak right now ? build advice ?

guys im looking for tips on how to build my yasuo! im struggling to deal damage to tanks and tried of getting one hit by assassins, my farming during lane is good, even killing. my build is {{item:1055}} > {{item:3006}} > {{item:1038}} > {{item:3087}} >{{item:3031}} even with 300 farm im struggling to ever get a full build yasuo in the current meta of 20-30 min games but the moment i enter team fights it just goes to shit i deal zero damage and get one hit like do i replace the shiv with bork ? boots with defense ? i understand phantom dancer is a kinda must on yasuo, but im seeing a lot of yas top players building shiv ? for the like 1st 200 games of yasuo should i be spec'in towards a more defensive yasuo? like boots into bork ie and phantom ? or is it just a matter of int for 100 games till i learn the champ? or the 3rd alternative buy vamp and cull and afk farm ?
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