Patch 6.11, just wanna share some opinions

Feel free to share your Point of view too, it's not like I'm anything like a Balance expert or knwo all Champions well enough to judge. :p In the end of the day this should just be some predictions what we can expect of this patch, or maybe just find a laugh in Patchnotes. (Azir's in there, Bugbird is on the Job) ---------- > That about covers it for 6.11! May your games be less filled with various cats, lambs, wolves, and birds. Perhaps some tentacles instead? Where are we going with this? We’ll stop now. Weeabo patch confirmed. ---------------- ----------- ----------- #Champions **Anivia** If you'd have asked 2 months ago, I'd have called you crazy for saying Anivia's manacosts will get raised. On a more serious note, I haven't really seen any Anivia at all last Patch, so I can't really judge... but I can see why low early manacost on her ult could make her strong. (constant siege) **Azir** One of the hot-Topics this Patch, and nerfs that actually look really big. And this all mainly seems to be focused on taking away possibilities, which Azir got so many of. Comparing him to a simpler mage Azir usually outclasses because he just does not lack anything damage wise, and then does some (more like a lot) more. I'm not sure how commonly the W was used on turrets, but it now dims down his pushing cabability. For his ult, the Shurima-shuffel still works, and that's what it's used for mainly, and 3 seconds generally are enough to kill every not-fulltank lategame. The movementspeed... it was a nice Thing to have I suppose, but in most situations find no use or be not of importance anyway. **Corki** "Tri-Force lategame-compensation" **Ekko** Base damage down, Scalings up. Standard proceedure for nerfing tank Ekko while keeping AP Ekko alive, lets see if it works this time. :^) **Illaoi** While juggernauts generally are supposed to build both, Damage and Tankyness, in case of Illaoi I really can see how much it hurt her when she couldn't afford the damage part. This changes pretty much just make her need less AD, most likely her builds will Change to include more tank items Overall (and her damage now be lower then it used to be when she was ahead). All in all it should just make her more consistant in good and bad games. **Jax** > R’s stacks drop off one at a time. > Passive - Relentless Assault [new] LESS RELENTING : Stacks fall off 1 at a time rather than all at once Rito plz. I'd call this one QoL mainly, stacks falling off just feels way better than them suddendly vanishing, especially when you just started the AA Animation. **Kindred** Some mark-adjustments, which seem resonable (early marks easy to get, and then progressivy harder) A nerf on the E slow, which IMO was kinda needed, her E was such a strong CC for ganks, and packing quite some damage ontop. Now > [new] HUNTING FOR ARROWS : Bounties increase Dance of Arrows’ damage by 5 per stack (uncapped) This I didn't really get. "Bounties"? Looking at the wiki they put it as 5 damage per passive stack, maybe I just don't know Kindred enough to get that conclusion. But yeah, asically Base damage down, but it now scales with her passive marks. **Lucian** I don't think anyone is confused about nerfes to him. What I find interesting tho is that they mainly went for his range, making it so that he still should be able to fight quite well Close up, which I supposed Lucian by desing is supposed to do. ;) **Maokai** Kinda evolved into one of the strongest toplaners, so just some nerfs to tune him down a bit (mainly for laning) **Nidalee** I can't actually say much here... we all know nida was a quite strong jungler for a while now, and those are just some Utility nerfs to work on that. **Ryze** For me, Ryze fell into the "hard but too strong if played well" category, so I guess his nerfs are of the same nature as Azir's. **Swain** One of the highest winrate champs after last Patch's buff, they overdid it and now try to tune him a back down. **Taliyah** As someone who really likes her so far, and actually didn't think she was weak Overall, I completely love this change. When playing Taliyah there was pretty much only 1 Thing I could complain about: her weak laning pressure. This mainly Comes from her skills unreliability, that much is obvious, but there are other Champions with rather unreliable skills and they work too, how do they handle it? First I can think of is Ziggs, and he handles it simply by pressuring due to pushing. TF does something similar, Karthus I often see do the same, and with this Patch Taliyah should just fit right in this laningpattern. (Also, she really needs to be able to push/control waves well, as this is the main way you avoid Worked Ground. Don't get me wrong, she already could manage waves well, but she still lacked the brute force to push against many other mages) **Vel'koz** Now, not too informed abotu Vel, but the Ult Change seems like a nice QoL, as ulting when you got 2 stacks on an enemy surely felt horrible. Then there also is his Q-R Combo, which both of those changes seem to support. **Zed** Get yar Party hats cus Zed got a nerf! Well, a minor one it seems. :^) **Ahri** You know... ahri was my secondary Midlaner before Taliyah got realeased... I kinda regret my decisions now. :/ **Aurelion Sol** > Because it was weird and confusing seeing a star the size of midlane poof into nonexistence. That's just what Yasuo does tho... **New Nida Splashes** Argh, why is she a jungler and no more midlaner now. Q_Q --------------- ------------ -------------- #Items **Boots** I actually can't really theory craft about those as much... AD and AD Counter up, not too sure what that will do. It would mean Berseker's are slightly better against everyone who does not get Ninja's, and Ninja's might just be an a bit more viable Option. Boots of Swiftness are a Topic for themself, and having this big in combat movementspeed indeed was really strong, I personally am just no sure how much it is worth as tradeoff comparing it to the other boots' stats. **Tri-Force** So as far as I understand this simply means: "Tri-force had too many different stats, some would almost always go to waste, we will Focus it on less stats" (it kinda was the same when taking AP away from sheen and Tri I suppose) **Stinger** Pretty much just bringing it in line with other Tri-Force combonents. I'm trying to think of Champions that effectively use Stinger, and pretty much only Azir Comes to my mind (all others seem to just aim for the upgrade, while Azir would even pick up stinger as 1st item). And... I don't wanna Sound baised... but I don't particullary mind Azir nerfs. (sorries) **Wit's End** Wait, that items still existed? O.o ^and I suppose that's the reason for this changes. --------------- ------------ ------------ #Dynamic Queue Not affecting most players, but it still is needed. (because you can generally assume Diamond+ are some of the most active palyers) #Your Shop I should have logged in today morning before going to bus, goddamnit. >.< #Bugfixes 1) Where is Azir?!? Else, nothing much interesting... I usually like the bugfix section cus there's some stuff to laugh about, but > •Trundle’s Passive - King’s Tribute no longer procs when Zed’s R - Death Mark shadow expires is as close as it gets I suppose. ------------- Anyways, have some nice games with the new patch you guys, I'll join you as soon as I get home i the evening!
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