Why is it that I never play well vs Zed?

Hello everybody, This post isn't for ranting I swear! I'm writing this article in all my calm will so don't throw the "salty" at me <3 I'm a Gold 5 midlaner (Orianna/Vlad main) and I ALWAYS ban zed, ALWAYS. Why? Because I have never been able, even in normal games, to get fed or play beyond average against him. Now I have played against very good Ahris and Annies and other champs, I destroyed some and some destroyed me but I still get why (Played bad, miscalculated stuff etc...) but ZED... it seems he can escape quickly, I play well enough to dodge his q or combo w q but if he manages to hit me I die, and if he misses he just gets back farming with Q for 20 secs waiting for his W cooldown. Any advices against ZED ? (Don't throw the zhonya at me, I know.) it has nothing to do with itemization. I'm fed up of banning him always in ranked :(. Best regards, PhoW
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