My idea for a new champion - Revnox The Darkin Slave

Hello and welcome to my newest idea for a champion. This idea is meant to inspire you and maybe entertain you. So before reading this, I ask you to be open minded. So without further ado, let us begin. When thinking about Revnox, I imagine a tanky champion that looks like Aatrox. Of course he would not look exactly like him, but I imagine him to be the same type of being (race), with a slightly bigger torso, bigger right hand and a lengthier "darkin" blade, even bigger that Aatrox's, yet more "soft". The main reason for this, is the fact that I imagine him to be extremely heavy and slow, with a blade that is going to hit _not the enemy, but the groung_ instead. He is supposed to hit the ground, dealing damage to a small area, as _an autoattack_ , and then pull the blade back, for more damage. I don't know if you guys watched or read "Bleach" the anime/manga, but if you did, imagine Renji's sword "Zabimaru". Well, this is sort of what I'm going for. But, Revnox has a second trick, his big right arm. This arm will be able to damage enemies or shield him from harm, when used correctly. Let's get into his abilities. Passive - Long, darkin blade. Revnox's blade is very heavy to lift. Revnox's autoattacks hit the ground, dealing damage to several targets in that area of effect, staying there, unless Revnox moves, in which case it follows him due to him pulling it. Q - Slash and return If Revnox's blade is in his hands, Revnox slashes 3 times in front of him. If he manages to kill a minion, monster or enemy champion, then the blade returns to him. If not, then Revnox can reuse this ability to force his sword to return. If Revnox's blade is on the ground, upon casting this spell, the blade will return, dealing damage to anything it goes through and then slash 2 times, finally hitting the ground and staying there. W - "Blood does not scare me" Passive - Revnox gains damage if he loses 30% of his HP. If he loses another 30% (dropping him to 40% HP), he becomes enraged and shields himself with his hand negating any frontal damage. Active - When Revnox falls to 10-20% of his HP, he can cast this spell to push back his enemy with his hand. E - Stunning blade. Revnox charges his blade for X seconds and smashes the ground with his blade, dealing damage and stunning anyone in the area of effect. R - "I am no slave!" Revnox sacrifices his HP slowly, so that his blade can forcefuly draw all nearby enemy champions to it. It becomes one with the ground and is unable to draw draw it back or pull it, so he cannot move too far from it. _~Revnox's abilities cost HP to cast, except for his W._ So, this is basically it. A tanky champion, focused on the top lane. Now, I dont really know if he is supposed to be AP or AD based. Since his basic attack is way to slow to farm with, I imagine that he needs AP to be able to farm better and deal some more decent damage. Also, I think the current items that we have for AP are going to benefit him even more. But, his main focus should be tanking, so I dont really know. Maybe he can be something like Sion. As always, I did not do the math for any of this. Yes, he might look op or not, but that's not for us to decide. We are here to give ideas. I hope you ladies and gentlemen enjoyed this. Leave a comment down below so that I know if you liked it or not, don't forget to give your own ideas and express your opinions about this. Thank you and good luck on the Summoner's Rift.
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