Galio reminds me of release Ekko

{{champion:3}} reminds of me a nightmare that was {{champion:245}} : magic damage oriented, high base damage+ passive that increases it further, 1000 range waveclear, a dash, hard CC, not easy to kill, super good ultimate. Not only both got released with overtuned champion kits, but, much like release {{champion:245}} ,{{champion:3}} could be used in 3 roles perfectly (top, jungle, mid), while {{champion:3}} fits even support role just fine. I find this incredibly wrong, no other champion was ever able to do this (except pre rework {{champion:76}} ), and I certainly think {{champion:3}} 's numbers should be way lower, due to his way too much rich kit. For example, I find it very wrong that a champion can build a full tank and be played mid (professionally) with on par waveclear and utility to match cc of a mage. I would certainly hit his waveclear, at least the sheer AOE damage he produces without even buying damage items: Passive: Not much makes sense when it comes to {{champion:3}}, but this has way too low of a cooldown (8 seconds) - 4 seconds when he lands an ability on an enemy champion. Granted that, as much as this passive, all his abilities are AOE, it's just too much. Not only does this have high base damage, but it also scales with AP/MR/AD he buys that just makes it overtuned. Q Tornado: This spell scales with opponents % max HP. This way not only is he just fine mid, but also vs tanks/juggernauts top, all without even buying damage. I would either hit its base damage or % max HP scaling, one has to go because paired with passive it's just way too reliable and easy waveclear. W: This has 20% max HP scaling, as well as AOE taunt, as well as 2+2 seconds of whooping 40% (+8% per 100 MR) damage reduction. Now if this wasn't enough, this ability cannot be interrupted by any form of CC (hello?). But that's not all! The cd starts when the channel starts, so essentially with 40% CDR he has only ~2sec window of no 40% + damage reduction. E: This ability is fine, although instead of a knockup, stun might be more appropriate. R: Paired with {{champion:164}} , {{champion:59}} , and other hard backline engagers, this becomes an insta win, but oh well, without a rework there is no way to fix this ability, even if it didn't give allied % dmg reduction nor dealt damage (which is not low at all): MAGIC DAMAGE: 150 / 250 / 350 (+ 70% AP). TL;DR: The developer who worked on {{champion:245}} must have done {{champion:3}} too .{{champion:245}} got nerfed 10 times post release, {{champion:3}} is due for it too.
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