how the hell do i deal with bronze

started league in patch 6.6 i learned pretty fast. I play top lane a lot and from what i learned is that a top laners job is to beat the enemy top laner, clear 2 turrets and roam after if it is possible. Try to build tank and tank and peel for ap mid carry and adc. If you look at my match history i feed some games(get camped rofl) but most games i get a good lead in cs and kills. I know i need to improve on cs but that comes with time. im 5/1 with jax and building my tank jax for team, i try roaming NOPE I try teamfighting NOPE peel for adc?? TEAM RUNS AWAY go in to stun whoever initiated for enemy team? WHOLE TEAM RUNS AWAY how do you deal with this and carry?? it took a lot of skill to handle renekton early and outscale by level 10 ( that was my 2nd best game of league yet) but i still lost because of 4 retarded fools how do i carry these people......just dropped to bronze 1 now
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