Should crits get removed/reworked?

Playing Kai'sa a lot and then switching back to another ADC made me realize once again how annoying crits are, since with Kai'sa I don't build any crit items. When it comes to fighting or even farming, it often comes down to wether or not you get lucky with your crits. Years ago I heard a rumor about Riot wanting to rework how crits work, to remove the luck factor a bit. Is that still something Riot thinks about? Edit: Okay, since I forgot that LoL players are unable to form rational thoughts, here is one of my ideas on how to improve crits without removing them. Make them guaranteed, so the players know when a crit is coming! If you have 20% crit chance, every 5th auto is a crit. 50%, every second, and so on. I know that controlled randomness is an often used tool in video games to make them more exciting and in this case we would take that away, but in such a competitive environment as league, it's worth sacrificing imo.
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