in terms of your champion updates, patch changes, item changes etc,etc,etc. You keep failing, remember the genre is RTS but yet you have these four champions untouched and they need to be fixed asap {{champion:24}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:5}} oh and this one {{champion:44}} . It seems impossible for you to balance a champion you have balanced a few such as {{champion:10}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:29}} plus many more but they are never seen to hyper carry a game well {{champion:10}} i still do but they are fairly weak to vs in lane - mid game at late they are strong etc. Why am i after 4 years of playing this game only seeing the same champs every game? Answer: because you have failed every season with balance updates. You are expanding the franchise from xp / ip boosts - clothing so your franchise is becoming quite diverse plus sponsorship's and all the rest. That aside i see poor judgement nerf's such as {{champion:12}} one or a team of you must hate that guy he is rarely played,and the moment his pick rate goes up you say " bugfix on {{champion:12}} " you are buffing champions, you know i am no game designer or genius or coder or any of that, so i don't know the whole story but correct me if i am wrong is buffing champions by popularity the right way? I mean maybe i guess the majority of players use them plus it gives the opportunity of high elo players to make superb plays which means you attract more players, hmmm funny that they most likely will. More to the point it will affect your game health these four champions that have been mentioned above {{champion:24}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:245}} needs to go back to PBE because to build no dmg items well maybe 1 or 3 but the other 2 are more utility (ex:{{item:3285}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3025}} .) as his only source of dmg and to be able to solo late game a very fed {{champion:10}} and an {{champion:22}} there is no countering someone who can undo damage has x2 /3 gap closures in short duration as most gap closures champs do, to help balance any of this i can only suggest restricting champion build paths, so they cannot "break the meta." as breaking the meta loses game functionality, which in turns creates ragers which get banned or just quit and go onto another or leave Dota, Hots, LoL etc. If they do stay like me, they are still unhappy with those parts of the game although as for me i have started to enjoy this game, just starting to feel like gw2 pvp imo, never dying champs, heal this, gap close that, oh i got a barrier, ugh...i got a flash, oh wait gap close off cd again, and over and over again. Since it is an RTS game i think every champ should have some resource to use skills {{champion:86}} Vs {{champion:19}} top. {{champion:19}} wins no matter what if they both had no mana so it would be the same if they did having a resource bar includes playing around your champ freely being able to shoot all your skill shots at like {{champion:238}} and have no risk plus one or two gap closures, each champion needs risk reducing risk increases balance,(ex: if they have no mana bar, maybe they need full CD.) Another thing runes: Why do CD runes exist? There are so many CD items you can buy, you can gain +40% cd (scaling) off runes like dodge runes they need to go as my suggestion, if {{champion:10}} had her E on from level one you would nerf her, so why buff the other's? they are just like that. To whom is doing the stats do them correctly, even i can tell you're not doing your job right, surely other Riot staff have noticed.

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