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I have a few changes in mind that I think will offer a more enjoyable and diverse TFT experience. Firstly, let's start of with a potentially polarising statement, I think 'Force of Nature' is simply too powerful and doesn't really offer any interesting gameplay. I believe a better TFT would be: To reduce item RNG by giving a guaranteed item after X minion kills, a spatula should be guaranteed on the first minion wave, this would encourage interesting builds due to the great spatula items which make things very interesting, however... Force of Nature should be removed completely. On the topic of items let's discuss the carousel round. Though I do enjoy the concept and think there are some interesting strategies that can benefit from it (such as currently inting to try and guarantee a spatula for any fun builds) I think that it's a little too slow and drastically breaks up the flow of gameplay. I believe the same concept could be achieved with a round where everyone gets the same HUD screen and are shown a timer until they are able to pick from a pool of champions and obviously what items the champions have. Also, the timing before each people are released can be shortened to speed things up, think about your strategy beforehand and grab it quick. But this is likely to be a personal gripe with the game. Now, I want to talk about assassins, traits, Pyke and other champion ults. Firstly, assassins are too good. That class is overly saturated with champions and so it is quite easy to quickly form your completed comp compared to others. The 6 assassins trait _IS_ really powerful for how easy it is to achieve due to how high the base crit chance is. Pyke himself is just wayyyyy too good, his starting mana is really high and he is basically a challenger smurf in iron elo with his ult AI, compare that to Lucian's ult AI where he enjoys inting and dashing into every Pyke ult he sees. I think Pyke needs ~~a bit of~~ a nerf, his starting mana, his stun duration and his ultimate damage is just too high for how 200IQ his AI seems to be as he always aims for the most champions he can possibly hit and other units like Ahri just throw their ult at the unit they just killed. Okay, let's have a look at traits now. I think that flat stats are incredibly boring, and in assassin's case a little overtuned. There should be a little bit of a trait rework so that we can see more interesting gameplay. Have you ever seen a blademaster Kass? A blademaster gunslinging Lucian? Garen the magician? These are all really fun and interesting and I think this type of variety is great for the game and there should definitely be more of it. With the proposed guaranteed spatula on wave 1, this would encourage sooo much experimentation. Lastly, I'd love to see a change on the mana-locking mechanic. Champion ultimates are fun and exciting, and doing builds that make them more spammable is incredibly fun, so why implement a mechanic that prevents them? Will this make champions with passives weaker? Yes, however I do have a change to propose for those characters. So, with the removal of mana-locking, mana will be charged on the ultimate damage itself and what-not, but, to prevent a Kindred from literally being unkillable etc there should be a cooldown on all ultimates which will help to balance this with the addition of a trait that offers cooldown reduction (or even items). Stronger passives. Passives could benefit from being applied on all items and in Vayne's case being applied on crits that have been dodged, I think that would be a nice addition without being broken and as for being applied on all items, I am talking about Titanic's splashes applying Silver Bolt stacks or causing another graves AA splash at the subsequent units hit and hurricane doing the same (because that item needs some love). Wouldn't that be really fun and hypy? I'd love to hear everyone's ideas on these and your own suggestions! I'm really loving TFT at the moment. Thanks for bringing autochess to League, Riot (Finally)Games. *Edit: Edited wording and fixed mistakes for clarity.
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