When everyone is saying that game is in it's worse state...

even the hardcore fans and twitch streamers (who are usually bound by some ethics code not to talk shit about Riot), when everyone is saying the balance is off the charts and is constantly moving on wrong direction... MAYBE YOU COULD ----- LISTEN AND DO SOMETHING? You can pick champion you could operate perfectly and you get shut down by simply having an enemy with some set of runes that do high spike damage or maybe they can just take a ton of damage without actually seeing much healthbar moving. You can carry wards around but can only place 2, on top of this now every enemy is ------ warded and tracking enemy wards means ------. Only wards you can place are those that enemy can see and get deleted instantly... Like why the whole game feels like it got re-designed by some freshman from some university who never even touched video games before? I can have the "perfect" counter to some champion like Klepto Gangplank vs Katarina and constantly harass her with poke damage, she comes back after 1 visit and nukes me from full health. I play Katarina next game and enemy picks Udyr... ------- --------- surprise he destroys me on lane. Like there's no %%%%ign idea wh%%%%ounters what anymore, it's all for the almighty runes to figure out anymore, and whenever something changes, then whoever comes on top of this constantly fast altering meta gets pushed on top of the meta tier lists and whoever just theorycrafts whole day rather than experimenting in the game with different champions and items gets the lead. Like what even is this game anymore? It's like you NEEED to have a full team co-operation 24/7 in order to accomplish anything. Do a dragon solo? Oh it has a slow and your ward jump over the wall didn't save you from enemy jungler. Help bottom lane by getting a kill? Miniboss gets killed. There's no %%%%ign flow to the game, it's like%%%%tever happens, happens now. What even is this now? 1 game I pick Pantheon and I go 50-0 and destroy everyone first 10 minutes, then I die once and I can't kill anything and get bursted down every fight. I pick Lux and I do terribly, lose like 5 times in row, can't do shit in entire game because I picked wrong single rune, enemy has all the vision and we don't have initiator that could survive enemy burst, on top of it the initiator gets silenced so he's never able to even do hard CC on anyone anyway. I pick Ivern support and I actually picked Smite and went 2 man jungle while our ADC was left solo vs 2, where she actually won the lane with barely any assist. Like what even is this? How do you play this game now? It's like if you were to write instructions you'd have to 180 every 3 months on almost every single champion and how aggressive or passive they play early/late. I'm just so tired and confused about everything. Can we just get the old game back where we didn't have to practice 10 000 hours for a single champion to perform well??? THE WHOLE CONCEPT of MOBA was that you could pick ANY CHAMPION for any selected role and master it quick on mechanical skill so you could actually learn their strengths and weaknesses. I've played this game since beta and I have no %%%%ing idea how to build Galio or how to play it. And I used to MAIN the old Galio a%%%% was high Diamond before reworks. Now I'm stuck on plat doing a ton of lose and win streaks where every lose streak felt like I didn't deserve it and it was just Riots balancing teams mistake that I lost, where winning felt like there was 3-4 enemies who really shouldn't have deserved the loss either. Before all of this new shit, season 3 for example, it felt like every 2nd game was balanced and there was a high chance to turn around games, things took high risk and it actually took effort to gain vision. Now you can just click on a map and ward appears... like what? And that costs nothing? I played Akali the other day and I did all the attacks perfect, landed all the Q's I meant to, used R the most optimal times, you know what happened? I %%%%ing lost because Riven just destroyed everyone because 2 kills lead from our toplaner. Nothing get ----- fixed, everything constantly is just shifting worse... like who is running this shit? I have to read from 3rd party websites what masteries actually do. What exactly for example is Sudden Impact? How valuable it is to cheapshot? I have no idea... I have no idea when it's supposed to be stronger outside of guessing. Server lag is unplayable. Players constantly disconnecting. After 9 seasons wards still can't be clicked on the bush... --- I'm serious like how bad is it to find the design faults? Make champions simple enough to operate that they don't require 100 hour tutorial. Revert everything since Season 3 when it comes to itemization. Just delete runes already or limit them to maximum 2, even 1 is hard enough to keep track on. I don't need to have a %%%%ing pro team with managers to coach me how to deal with some rune build I can't even see because I only see 1 %%%%in%%%%ne anyway on the loading screen. Nerf the AP ratios of Malphite and make him the initiator like he used to. IF you%%%%lly want to make him be damage dealer then give him some extra items with skillshots or something. It's ridiculous he can burst someone from full to 10-20% with just couple of items. Also Ivern is good addition but... why the ultimate is still the same? That unit is basically a walking superminion? He's a joke. Can we please get something, anything else? Even if it was ability to take over a camp of minions like Red or Blue or Wolves or Wraiths, it'd still be better than this giant that hits like a wet tissue. Why did Bard get boost to the Magical Journey movement speed? That wasn't even the issue with him. It's the fact that the skill takes a slot from him in the first place and leveling it up doesn't mean anything 99.99% of the time. It's like everything that is broken stays but then there's useless fixes like nerfing Singed health regeneration with a hotfix because oh my god he's such a huge topic among the community....... like what? I honestly think you could have a toddler who could run the balancing / game design team better.
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