This is going to be unpopular... Assassins have it too easy

No other class has such massive free mobility and high damage... with no actual resource drawback. Both {{champion:107}} and {{champion:55}} both have no mana for absolutely no reason. There is absolutely no reason not to gate their abilities but Riot loves favoritism and both of these get no actual resource costs or any way to gate their power. Both have exceptional mobility and roaming and don't get punished for leaving lane to hunt for kills. You cannot build defense because otherwise they will just leave lane and kill somebody else with their free unbeatable burst. I am sick of people getting rewarded when YOU are the one that needs to bust your ass to not feed them yourself. Its simply not fair. Are there any drawbacks to playing an assassin? Even if they have no escape, like Akali, they get {{summoner:4}} to protect them. Armor does nothing, Mr does nothing... there is no way to build effect defense against them.
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