Opinion on Gangplank Nerfs (Discussion)

I completely agree he needs the nerfs given, and clearly his weaknesses were almost to say non-existant. Coming from a GP main, I really dislike this gp play style (kleptomancy) where your opponent is your pinjata for the next 20 minutes, it is also very frustrating to play against. As for a whole, i dislike the kleptomancy rune itself, it is a bad design in my opinion, it is based on rng and has no combat stats and clearly covers gp's weaknesses. However, i think the vision removal on his barrels was a bit too harsh, let me explain why. Using a barrel to check for vision in a brush for an enemy Riven/Irelia (just examples, nothing specific) is already a punishment for gp in the laning phase, wasting a barrel for vision, and if the enemy is not present there, the barrel will stay there for next 25 seconds (Reduced from 60 to 25 patch 8.4) which can not be used very well as before to prepare a fight against your laner which is perfectly fine with me. My opinion here is that the vision removal from barrels was a little not needed, and not the reason why gp was frustrating to play against. I would gladly listen to your opinions on this and counter arguements. Thank you <3

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