Riot is pushing Playing with friends like hell. Why i think it's a bad idea.

Just in case you haven't noticed, nearly every new feature, or event or anything actually is pushing palying LoL with friends. Wanna play ranked? Let's play it with4er/5er PREMADE FRIENDS Wanna earn chests? If any of your PREMADE FRIENDS does good you get one. Wanna earn keys? Higher chance if you paly with PREMADE FRIENDS. Bonus Ip Weekend? Well guess how to get exxtra IP. And i get it. LoL is a game that like every other games wants to attract new players and keep the old oens. And pushing playing with friends will help that. But here is my problem: Enabling and making it easier for people to play with friends is great! Creating a new Function like Clubs hurts nobody and helps alot of people who want to use it. Well done Riot! Recommended Invitites so you can play with friends of friends, why not? Maybe we will get to know somebody. BUT: Pushing playing with friends to a level where you get more rewards or have easier games is not enabling anymore. It's punishing solo players. Maybe i don't wanna 5er premade every game, jsut to have a higher chance to get chests/keys. And most often i do not have 5 friends online at every time i wanna play. Just by the fact that there are a lot of Public Rooms called Hextech, hextech 2, hecxtech 3 etc. shows that a lot of people wanna earn the rewards, even thought they don't have enough friends online or something like that. I remember in old ranked mode if you queud as premade, you got a "buff" to your mmr. The system said: Well, if they are palying together they probably get a little advantage by using skype or something, let's make the enemys a tad harder, so evven if the enemy is 5 solo guys it evens out. Then Riot released dynamic queue and... deleted that rule? So if duoqueuing gave ayou an advantage going 4er or 5er premade doesn't? TL;DR: Enabling palying with friends is something great, and Riot is doing a good jo at it. Forcing you to play with premades just to get the same experience/rewards/fair games is something that needs to be stopped immediatly. Just my 2 cents.
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