1.000.000 Mastery Points Zac

How to Play Zac - 1 Million Mastery Points
How to Play Zac - 1 Million Mastery Points Hey Guys I am Malkavian and I have more than 1 Million Mastery Points with Zac on different accounts. My Account Names are : Malkavian9999(EUW) ,MalkavianVlade(EUW) ,Malkavian999(EUW) ,Malkavian999(Tr) and my highest ranking is Diamond1.
Hey Guys, I reachd 1Million Mastery Points with {{champion:154}} I am well awere of that doesnt mean that I am pro with him but I made a video montage of my games. Maybe some of you new Zac players can learn something out of it and some better players can suggest some stuff that I don't know. Enjoy the video and please comment here about Zac builds,runes,gameplay stuff etc.
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