Twisted Fate - In depth, help required...

Hello everyone, As my title said I am requesting for some assistance about {{champion:4}} , which, unusually became my favourite champion, being obsessed of it. I am training as much as I can, I watch a total over 3 hours tutorials and tips about this champions, but everyone have their own style and are totally different. I've tried many mods of gameplay in co-op and even on PvP, and all works pretty well, but is not enough. I am only Silver V, so please no extreme critics, I am requesting only for assistance to became a master in TF (is a long way, I know but I try my best) I know about it more that basics, so I'll skip the intro questions (which cards to use and how and where and ... just skip this part) I am asking as a start item on mid-lane which goes well better? {{item:1056}} +{{item:2003}} x2 or {{item:2041}} +{{item:2003}} x2 +{{item:2004}} I'm undecided all the time about summoner's spells {{summoner:21}} +{{summoner:4}} or {{summoner:12}} +{{summoner:4}} ..or any other advices? {{item:3020}} or {{item:3158}} ? Here comes my final build. Anything to change? {{item:3158}} +{{item:3100}} +{{item:3089}} + ({{item:3174}} or{{item:3001}} or{{item:3135}} ) +{{item:3285}} +{{item:3157}} Sometimes, I have problems with mana. My blue card is not enough to fast recover some mana, it does but slowly, only if I keep farming it and only it, on the lane without to appeal to potions. Should I focus on additional mana items? I've never tried anything else that mid-lane, does TF works on other lane? Does it works as an AD carry as well? Should I focus on Attack Speed or just ignore it. I am sorry for my bad English, but I'm trying the best in this game. I love it, playing about 2 seasons. But never TF, until one week ago. Now I am really TF dependent. I have so many questions to ask about it, but now I focus on main ones. **Thank you all for your patience, and any other advices and tips about TF are welcome.** Regards, Xplor
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