No point in starting to play this game

These are my toughts : It fucking sucks to start playing as a new guy. I am now in game, afk because our team has 5 new people, playing free champs and trying their hardest not to feed, and their team has champions like yasuo and such, the op champions. I get stomped in lane because at this level skill > everything and what's the point of improving yourself if I have to play against people who already have lvl 30 skill yet they make a noob account for some reason (probably to feel god because they go 20-0 with an OP champ while probably being low skilled in their skill level). What is the fun when I get stomped 0-6 under 10 minutes by someone who can farm really well, too well for lvl 10-20 and they make good plays? Why should I then even consider starting to play when I always end up playing with people with 'smurf' accounts that are 456465x as good as me and then stomp me in all the games so I can't even enjoy playing a game of league. If this is how this game goes, I'm not playing it at all. It feels like in the early levels it's almost pay to win. Pay for a op champ with rp, proceed to stomp every game while smurfing. I mean come on this is so sad.. We are 5 afk now at base because it's no more fun. We can't even do anything. Is this how you want to keep your players? Great job!
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