won the game for 1 hour ago and i says reconnect to the game

i was playing a game and won for over 1 hour ago after that i pressed "skip waiting for stats" and something happend, it reconnected to the game, i got blackscreen and it showed up a litle window saying "check your internet" and more… i uinstalled the game and installed the game and when i come in it still says reconect and i spam click on it to see if something happend but nothing happens, still says reconnect and we won the game for about 1 hour and 20 minutes ago… what should i do, i have send a bug report, turned of my internet and on again but still the same, it say im in game but i cant be since i cant even press play, i can see my profile up to the right and my friend bar but it still says reconect and i spam click and nothing happens…
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