I want to play ARAM only with the champions that i enjoy playing

Hello. I'm an ARAM only player. I never play SR. I like the simplicity and relatively toxic free environment of ARAM. But i dislike being forced to play a champ that i don't like. And this is not because those champions are weak or so, i just don't enjoy playing with them at all. People consider for example Brand, Ryze, Rengar, Senna etc. as OP, but when i get those, i'd rather dodge the game because i don't like their mechanics. I enjoy champions like Amumu, Nautilus, Orianna etc. for example. ARAM has seen some quality of life improvements and i think those changes were great. Can't something be done about this as well? Can't it be done so i only get a champion from my preferred champion list? Wouldn't that help with dodging issue too? And by the way sometimes when i dodge a game, it doesn't cancel the lobby and i later see that game loaded normally and it was played 4v5. This has happened a few times to me lately. Is this a bug? This should be fixed i think. Thank you.
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