Ascension....just,f*cking Ascension

-So,let me start another question with "Am I the only one". Am I the only one that thinks Ascension sucks?Like the gamemode is fun to play,but the way some champions can just fuck up your game,and the massive lags you(at least I)get aren't in compensation with the fun or the beautiful map,and the old dominion was never like that,even tough this is the same map,I'm really sad,because we didn't get U.R.F to get the rotating gamemode,ok,that's fine,but to start with this gamemode out of all of the other gamemodes,when Riot could have started big style with All for one,or frekaing U.R.F or nemesis,something that is fun and NOT laggy,and easy for some champions.(Some champions are,simply,Assassins and bruisers,something like{{champion:238}} ,{{champion:105}} ,even {{champion:86}} ,{{champion:24}} too,Maybe {{champion:11}} ..etc.) Ps:This is my sole opinion,so don't just "flame" me in the coments please. -Thanks for reading
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