Boycott ARAM!

Why? Because of this: "After much discussion and **weighing your feedback**, bans will not be a permanent feature in ARAM." I've read many LoL forums recently. There wasn't a single one of them where players weren't welcome bans in ARAM. The ratio of displeased people was something like 1/100 and most of them were obviously ARAM-only accounts. So what a disgusting fat lie is this Riot? Whenever you make a bad decision it takes you months if not years to fix it even if the whole community continuously begging for it. Now you just remove a popular feature within a few patches? And what is the reason? It is not **all ** random anymore? Well, ARAM-only accounts who play only 15 champions and never play the other 128 make it more all or random or fair? It is better for this game mode to let people destroy other players' fun by playing the most cancerous/safe/braindead champions in every single game? Really??? All in all, I think we (who liked bans in ARAM) shouldn't play ARAM for a while in order to give Riot a real feedback. Let's hold together once and force some changes we want. (Of course, they could solve this issue easily. Just unlock every champion for ARAM to make it really all random for everyone.)
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