How to beat utility comps?

Just had a game where a Morg and Ivern constantly shielded the Yasuo so he couldnt be CC'd or die.... He went 1/5 in lane, yet by midgame when we were teamfighting he always had constant shields and refreshes and was able to infinitely dive our team with no repercussions, couldnt CC him because of the spellshields, 2 redemptions, 2 lockets, etc. This along with the damage reduction from Death's Dance and PD made him practically unkillable. It got to the point where i would try to dive ivern instead, you can take a wild guess as to how that worked out for me. How do i counter these types of comps? Grievous wounds does not extend to shields. What items can i build to get through constant shields and spellshields?

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