Zilean probably has the worst passive in the game

Ever since Zilean was reworked in 5.4 I had tons of fun. In 5.21 old passive was replaced with the current one. This is where struggles begin. This version of the passive is incredibly clunky to use, feels extremely unsatisfying and unrewarding. Usually when you play a champion you would want your passive to be something that helps you in the game even if it's something minor. This isn't the case with Zileans passive, the fact that it's so easy to unintentionally trigger when trying to move around which can put you in a disadvantageous position because it essentially stuns you for .5 seconds as you start to channel it. This passive has brought me many deaths in my SoloQ games. This has also brought us [this moment](https://youtu.be/5w7SNUfDSNk?t=3335) of Jensen accidentally using his passive and Ming expertly using this opportunity for an engagement which ultimately decided this game in favor of RNG. After this happened I was expecting that the active component on the passive would be changed, but it's never too late to make QoL changes for the better. Rito pls, give the zilean mains a Xmas present and update the passive.
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