No more key frags? "Better" BE system??? literally wtf..

Well,before the changes we could have got the possibility of getting key frags after win matches,but you scrapd that,and thats okey. (at least i, dont get any) Now,those get randomly given WEEKLY,yes i mean weekly,because it's 1 week and a %%%%ing half,that i don't get a single piece of crap of a keyfrag,and thats start to pissing me off on a unimaginable levels,for these reasons specifically: 1-I did put all of my efforts to become a better player,in fact i did reach honor lvl5,constantly getting honor for my good behaviour and play, and most people that i chat w/ in-game enjoy to play with me 2-Im not anymore toxic and never will be again,because i did learn my lesson on the previous account that was banned for this motivation,and thats perfectly understandable,even by myself. But for the sake of 2nd reason,that doesn't mean that drops has to be at a literal sh*t % even for those that bring peacefull games,report toxicity CONSTANTLY (even tho out of 20 people that i did report,i got notice only for 1 case that was taken action lmao) and above all else,try their best to make a better community over all. Where's those promise of "better rewards" for those people? I don't see any. Also with the "MUH BETTEURZ BLUE ISSENCE SYSTEMZ" you AIN'T FOOL NO ONE! You can't get BE after matches,and when you open those capsule,you only get LOW lvl champ shards for like 90% of the times,wich make impossible to buy at the same rate as before,those that cost 6,3k. All i ask is to fix some problems,wich understandably comes with new patches and """""""""balance""""""""" cyrclejerk,incrase the drop% of those key frags or set AT LEAST a fixed amout that players receive weekly,and more importantly try to not make the player-base frustated as it is. I love playing the game and all,but for ffs,i really hate when someone is try to takin you for a total donkey in material. Have a nice day everyone,and hope you understand :)

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