I can't win one bloody game anymore.

Played 6 ranked games yesterday, lost all 6 ( also on another acc) Today I played two ranked games, lost both. (Bronze 5) So I lost 8 rankeds in a row. Score 6/2/4, 199 farm 4/3/11, 234 farm I have most farm of my team. The least amount of deaths of everyone. I try to defend all lanes because people rather chase a enemy through the entire map and get the turret beaten up by another enemy. I'm so bloody frustrated right now. I don't know what to do anymore. I just want to win one bloody game but it's not given to me. Last two games, a lovely ally decides to go afk in the last 15 mins because 'yea we lost anyway bye' In one game we actually were ahead of the enemy team but they still say this? This is so frustrating, I have no idea how to go further. How much more must I drop and lose before i win óne single game?

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