I sat down, thinking about how to buff/change Aatrox and came out with this.

So Aatrox was on a bad spot for Seasons now. His Itembuild is super expensive, his passive is crap and his Q Animation is so clunky it horrible to watch. His W is weird to use and his Ultimate seems to have like no Impact. But this is only when he is behind. He can shine when he gets his lead but still be balanced ( i mean he dont snowballs ). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ However what do you guys think about a Stacking Passive similiar to Thresh: Passive - Blood Addiction ( good name thanks :) ) When Aatrox kills an enemy Champion/Minion or a neutral Monster they can drop Bloodvessels. Every Vessel he collects gives Aatrox a boost on his Attackspeed ( like 0.2% ), Attack Damage ( like 1 on small, 3 on Big Creeps/ big neutral Monster / Champion ). Melee and Caster Minions / little neutral Monster wont drop a Vessel everytime, however Cannon Minion, Champions and big Neutral will always drop. The Vessel of a Champion is worth of 5, The Vessel of a big Neutral/Cannon 2 and a lil Creep 1. Gut down his Scalings/Base Damage so he cant get out of hand. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Next Passive concept if you find the first one too strong: > 2nd Passive - Blood Rush. When Aatrox kills an enemy Champion/Minion or a neutral Monster they can drop Bloodvessels. After Aatrox reaches a number of Stacks he will get a boost on his Attack Damage and Attack Speed. 50 Stacks - Aatrox gains 15% AS and 20 AD permanently ( Gold Value ~ 1000 ). 150 Stacks - Aatrox gains 25% AS and 40 AD permanently ( Gold Value ~ 1900 ) 300 Stacks - Aatrox gains 30% AS and 50 AD permanently. He also deals 5% Max HP on Hit as physical Damage. The next issue is his Q. The Animation is so slow and he roots himself for 0,5 on the current location ( the part where he leaps into the Air ). I thought about completly change this Ability: Q - Assault Fly >Aatrox will dash into targeted Location, knocking Enemies beside. After this enemies will be slowed for 50 % for 1 second. Imagine [Dravens E Ability](https://youtu.be/h5zyGj4Z0Sg?t=3m44s) just with Aatrox.. Knockbacks is a nice form of CC its not too strong but can be powerfull if used correctly. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ However, his w and e seems to be fine. His ult lacks of this great Intiation Power like Wukong Ult, Malphite Ult and stuff. R - Massacre. >Aatrox draws in the blood of his foes, dealing ~~200/300/400(+100% Ability Power)~~ **150/275/350 (+0.4 of Bonus AD )(+12% of the current Enemy Health )** magic damage to all enemy champions around him **and Slows them for 20% for a duration of 0.75 sec**. Massacre then fills Aatrox's Blood Well by 20% for each champion hit and grants him 40/50/60% attack speed and 175 attack range for 12 seconds. I mean come on. The Ability is called Massacre but at the Moment there is nothing that feels like a Massacre. Giving him this Iniation Power will learn ppl to fear this Ult. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thats its for me. Pls be gentle and give constructive critism. Maybe you also have an Idea go ahead and share it with us. Aatrox needs some love.
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