Plzz Rito Plzz

Rito plz Fix Sh*t. When U.R.F was out SOOOOOO many people played garen with 5 infinity's and 6 pentas per game. The reason i ask for help is to fix garen in U.R.F. Even tho many people may know why his spin does so much damn damage, i repeat: His spin at beggining (pro inglish i know) he deals tiny bit more damage than other spin hits. And by just spamming "e" and refreshing spin he just stacks the damage to INFINITE. By that i mean 9k Voli with Taric's ult and MANY more shields on him COULDN'T take out 5 infinity edge's and 1 bloodthirster garen. Pl Rito OH almighty RITO FIX GOD DAMN GAREN. Thank You for reading this garbage message. Time Waster ~~~.
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