90% of games tanks support tanks cant carry!!!

Its truth.As main top playng tanks and i love to play someone like {{champion:98}} {{champion:3}} etc.But its useless.. Check my last game and qq if you dont agree. {{champion:98}} me-24 000 dmg my team:{{champion:61}} 9 000dmg {{champion:51}} 13 000 {{champion:35}} 7000 or something... So practically tank did more dmg even if i was tanking the shit out of enemy..Ok. If you wanna win games tanks are the worst to carry.Solo que is all luck or to abuse some broken champs..But i cant believe i must quit TANKs just to win games..More then that my cait was 5 0 and won bot too still cait believe what dmg she did.As shen i did double if not tripple more dmg then my team.. SAD SO SAD {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}

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