Patch 7.20 error code 004

I just moved from the netherlands to south-korea, i downloaded LoL right away but i am having a problem. Because i cant speak korean i place my questions here because i dont know where i else i should put it. So I got a problem with patching 7.20. I downloaded the Korean client, and when I log in eveything goes as plannend. The patcher goes trough 15/20% and then stops and restarts and 0% again. After sometimes of doing this he gives the Error 004, it says it doesnt know what happend and will try again patching. I tried all things I found on this site, I reinstalled Korean client, I used Hextech tool, I runned as administrator, I updated my windows, I tried patching in pc safe mode, I checked my hard drive and there where no problems. I am patching for 3 days now and nothing helps. I even resetted my PC. Could anyone give me some advice? Kind regards
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