Please Can The Lux Support Mains Find Another Champion Or Role To Play.. In This Meta, Having A Full AP, 0 Health, 0 Armor, 0 Magic Resist, First Item Ludens, No Sighstone, Yellow Trinket 50 Minutes In, Farm Stealing 400cs End Game, 0 Shielding, 'But My Ult Is OP' Begging, ELO Rotting, 'But Im Smurfing' Idiot.. Doesn't Help Anyone Apart From The Guinness Book Of World Records Entry For Least Amount Of Team Play In A Single Game Of League Of Legends In The History Of All Time.. Just Stop.. Okay.. There Are More Divisions Other Than Bronze.. Pick A 'Support' And You Might Just Get There.. Anyone That Comments Saying 'But I'm A Lux Support Main And I....' Can Literally Sit On A Pinecone

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