Zed Counterplay as an ADC.

The thing with Zed is even before the QSS nerf, he never actually needed his ultimate to do damage. W+Q+W+E+AA combo would 1 shot an adc. Guardian angel is useless as you stay in the same position when you die so unless you're behind all your team (doing absolutely nothing as you're too far away from zed) then there's no point in it. Zed now can 1 shot you through any defense item still. Be it omens, steraks, warmogs, it doesn't matter. Zed has a 9% pick rate because his ban rate is over 80%. A skilled Zed has: >Poke >All in >Duelling potential >No risk I don't get why a champion can be in such an unbalanced state. You nerfed Zhonyas and nerfed QSS. When are the Zed nerfs coming and will they actually do anything?
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