I am ADC main... is there any other ADC main that feel that we are WAY too underpowered like I do?

I'm not complaining about ADC dmg... don't get me wrong... our dmg is good and we can do a lot of it... BUT... I see more and more super mobile champions come out that can burst enough to do 3 times our HP in dmg... and many AD dmg dealers that outscale us SOOOO easy... My point is simple... we ADC players play champs that have very little HP and are incredibly fragile but scale very good in terms of dmg... going from little level 1 dmg to very big late game dmg... that's the concept... right? OK... the fact that we are fragile compensates for our damaging power... that's a good thought and it should be that way... Now... with that in mind... why are there champs with 3000-4000 HP and huge sustain that can delete us in a mere second and then move to our next teammate??? What I mean is champs like Irelia, a tanky build Ekko, a tanky build Yasuo (YES... it can be done!!! if you think it can't... then look again) and so many others... if you want I can do a huge list but that's not the point... and I say that because I don't count Zed for example... he is an assassin that comes, kills us with his ulti but after that doesn't have the same dmg output to keep going for a penta kill for example... burst dmg is something that is ok.... BUT... if you want sustained big AD dmg... then you can't put it on someone with 4000 HP... that is just a sick thought... tanks should have skills to take and mitigate dmg or do CC but with low dmg... ADCs should have skills to DEAL DMG... mages should have AP burst do delete other players OR have utility skills with CC that help the team... Assassins should be deleting ADCs but ALSO should be able to stand against tanks (which now most times is not really possible since when you run out of skills, then the tank smiles and says... "now it's time for you to go bye bye"... I dont mean assassins should 1 shot tanks... I mean tanks shouldn't have the dmg to take out assassins in mere seconds). And of course supps should have MORE CC than other champs and/or heals... but should have little dmg... because supporting is not death dealing... I feel like all other roles have many advantages and disadvantages... but from all the roles... ADCs are the most left behind... because whether you like it or not, the standard dmg level for ADCs is not the level of a fed Vayne or a fed Twitch... they are HUGE... and I mean HUGE... I don't put Jinx in this because she is so immobile that you can catch her ridiculously easy... Especially Twitch I think should have less dmg... I did two penta kills in a game with only pressing ulti and basic attacks in a game... and the stealth after every kill or assist... that's annoying and too much to have... anyway... when I play Ashe or Sivir and I play good... I get fed and I am building my items fast... even then I feel like I should be able to do more dmg when there are champs that have 3-4 times my HP and can deal enough dmg to delete me in a mere second... A good example is Caitlyn's ulti... her kit is good... I can't deny that... but her ulti should do more dmg... I mean it's not even a sure hit... if a tank gets in the way, the low HP target is saved... you see pros shooting the ulti to do quick dmg because they know it won't grant them an easy kill since the dmg it really does is too little in late game... make it like Jinx ulti for example... to do a percentage of the health missing... something to make it useful... I'm not exactly saying that ADCs are weak... I'm saying that this game has become a minefield for ADCs... and while the others play League of Legends we are playing Survivor... lol That's how I feel... I feel like the game is moving on and we ADCs are being left behind... I respect people that carry with ADCs more than anyone else in this game... because I know that no other role can understand what it feels like to live with the fear that one wrong step can be your death in a mere second... Tell me your opinion... especially if you're an ADC main... I may be wrong... that's why I ask for your opinions... not necessarily to prove I am right... Waiting eagerly to hear what you have to say :)
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