New support items are abhorrent and disgusting. Thanks Rito for pushing me out of the role I loved

You get: 7 less gold per stack No stacks at all after you complete the gold quest Monster hunter debuff (no gold at all for farming minions) Please don't say bs like "15 is more than 11". You could upgrade to Frostfang really quickly by getting a kill or a couple of assists, and get 22 gold per stack for the rest of the game. And now you get 15 until 1000, and then you get 0 (zero) gold from stacks for the rest of the game. And no, the free completion of your support item does NOT compensate for this. Most players were never completing the item anyway, because of how inefficient it is. On top of that, the support item no longer gives you 10% CDR, which was also huge in many cases. But wait, Riot are not done fking up my role! We can't even farm minions to compensate for all of the losses, because of the huge debuff. Who in their right mind would think these changes are a good idea? I'm so frustrated. Have to switch to another role now, because Support has just become totally unplayable.
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