Riot Promised Us More Game Modes But They Have Not Delivered!

In season 8, Riot was keeping the game fresh and exciting with lots of different game modes. There was Odyssey, the usual ARURF and One For All, PROJECT// Overcharge and their biggest test project, Nexus Blitz. I took part in every game mode published and I played them multiple times, either solo or with friends. I enjoyed all the game modes but my two favourites were Star Guardian: Invasion and Nexus Blitz. Invasion because the PvE aspect was new and amazingly fun to play, and the ability to play with the new and old star guardian skins helped to immerse players in its alternative universe theme and acted as a preview or taster before deciding whether to buy the skin. Nexus Blitz was great because of its unpredictability, since there were lots of mini game modes within the game, it made the game spontaneous and constantly exciting to play, while still being a quick mode to de-stress and just have fun after intense ranked games. Even older game modes, such as The Hunt of the Blood Moon, Doom Bots, Hexakill, Ascension and Dark Star Singularity brought something new and interesting to the game aside from the traditional Summoner's Rift: My least favourite was probably Dark Star Singularity because I felt that it lacked a bit of diversity, since there was only one champ to play. Nevertheless, Dark Star was still fun and it allowed players to showcase some mechanical plays. In preparation for season 9, Riot released their preseason Dev Diaries on YouTube which would summarise all the things their fans should be excited for this season. One of their videos,, specifically mentions they would release more events and game modes since we enjoyed Odyssey and K/DA so much. However, later on in the season after the release of TFT, they informed us that they will no longer be releasing game modes due to various reasons, such as the popularity of TFT, their investment of resources into other projects, and the lack of popularity of RGMs after a period of time. However, I find these reasons to be inadequate and unfair: 1. Ever since the release of TFT, Riot has been quick to release patch updates, bug fixes and even a ranked mode for this game:, This is understandable considering the popularity of the game mode, however it does not provide anything for those who simply do not like this game mode. There is no alternative aside from the usual Summoner's Rift or ARAM. Personally, I am a lover of the RGMs and I do not like TFT, hence my purpose for writing this forum, so it has made the game quite bitter to play. 2. The investment in "other resources" is not a sound excuse, seeing as the release of skins is constant while players continue to complain about the lack of stability in the client and in-game and their distaste towards some of the new changes being made e.g. the release of eternal achievements which is purchased with RP and the new Riot logo and League of Legends logo. It appears as though Riot is investing their resources into things which players do not really value. But to be fair, Riot has also mentioned they will be releasing new games, including a board game and phone game which would also take up a decent amount of resources. 3. Riot mentioned that RGMs are only popular for the first few weeks while the game is new and people are completing their missions before returning to Summoner's Rift: This is a fair argument, but I do not believe that it should stop them from releasing RGMs, especially since they do still receive a high play rate when they are first released. Even when the play rate goes down, the game modes still provide an alternative and it is something fun to play with friends and randomers alike. The sheer amount of complaints about the lack of RGMs should be enough to at least bring back an occasional game mode during big events as there has been a notable difference compared to last year's events. Many people have complained about how events this year, such as the Star Guardian event, has lacked its distinctiveness and uniqueness from other events that just feature new skins and orbs. One example is a video created by Necrit which specifically discusses these issues: The upshot of this unintentionally long forum is to convey to Riot the disappointment in this season's events because of the lack of diversity in game modes making League of Legends feel quite stale lately. I speak on my personal experiences as well as what I have read and watched. Comments and feedback would be very much appreciated. I have tried my best to reference supporting evidence and any new sources to check out would be cool. I have also included a poll because I would like to know if this is still an issue for players now or if people think that RGMs are not that big of an issue since the release of TFT (and also cos polls are fun ways of expressing opinions). Thank you very much for reading. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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