What's this skill? A jump? A dash? Or maybe a dash which looks like a jump?

Hey guys, I suppose I'm not the only one experiencing the weirdness which is league's way of defining movement spells, since one is seen as a dash but shows a jump, and another shows as a jump, but interacts as a jump. I've seen this problem before but recently whilst playing Zac I noticed that your "jump" can get canceled by the littlest things, for example, a trundle pillar can block you from even landing, EVEN if your destination would actually allow you to jump over it if it was seen as terrain. It just seems weird to me how for example Tristana's jump can get interrupted by ANY form of CC. Just my opinion that they should be depicted as what they are and how they react, it's fine if Za'c E is a dash, but then please dont show an actual JUMP animation. Let me know in the comments if you agree or not, would like to see how other people experience this. Peace out, and may you have luck in your battles on the rift.
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