The Irony of Champion "Mastery" and OTP's

Am i the only one who finds it super ironic that the players who will have the hardest time getting to champion mastery 6 and 7 are the ONE TRICK PONIES? allow me to explain. One trick ponies can only earn 1 hextech box per champion per season, this means that any TRUE one trick pony will take at least THREE SEASONS to get to mastery 7 assuming they get only champion shards for recent champions from hextech drops which they can then disenchant for blue essence. Am I the only one who thinks this is just so stupid? there's already a player with taliyah at mastery 7 with just 37k mastery points whereas OTP with over 1 million mastery now either have to compromise their true one trick status or invest rp to show "mastery" now I'm not a true one trick pony but i do know some, including a guy in my nunu mains club who has only nunu on his account, he is 30k short of 1m mastery on nunu and he will most certainly not get mastery 7 this season I understand that they want to make blue essence less useless but there must be some alternative, like if you have the champion tokens and over 1 million mastery on a champ i think riot should just say >f the blue essence to the deny this player mastery over something so trivial and irrelevant to actual champion mastery would be too stupid but im not holding my breath- looks like its time to go get carried on other champs, because thats what mastery is all about EDIT: looks like in the near future we will be able to buy champion shards with ip which would solve the essence problem source ty Zura for the update
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